NOW Dance 91 Track 20: Omar – There’s Nothing Like This

He’s an MBE now you know, for services to ‘Bydoobaweeoo’ presumably. Another hit on re-release having just missed the Top 75 the year before. And contrary to what you may have thought, he had another couple of Top 40 hits later on. But this was by far the biggest, peaking at No.14.

And that’s it for this album, join me later in the year for NOW 20!


NOW Dance 91 Track 15: Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song

No video available for this one, not that I care. For those who don’t know, I HATE whistling. It has no place in songs at all. If anyone ever makes a song with whistling AND bagpipes in it, hate mail will be on its way.

It’s not actual whistling, just keyboards. Still awful though. Which is a shame as Frankie Knuckles was involved with so many great house tracks and remixes. This was the biggest hit he had in his own name, it got to No.17.

NOW Dance 91 Track 12: Utah Saints – What Can You Do For Me

Eurythmics and Gwen Guthrie (AAARGGHHHHH!!! Sorry, flashbacks to NOW 8 there) sampling behemoth which I went and bought on 7″ after a long decision process given that it was this or Oceanic’s ‘Insanity’ – not included here but it is on ‘Awesome!! 2’ albeit in its weedy ‘Dream Tripper Edit’ form – and in hindsight maybe I chose the better song as this sounds less dated I think. It reached No.10.

NOW Dance 91 Track 11: The Prodigy – Charly

Side 2 (if you had the cassette or LP) begins with the first big hit from the rave tunes that sampled stuff from kids TV, or technically in this case a PIF, and the first hit for The Prodigy. It got to No.3 and you probably know by now that Charly the cat was voiced by Kenny Everett.

Although I said that this album features 7″ mixes, for some reason it’s the 12″ ‘Alley Cat’ mix that’s included on here.

NOW Dance 91 Track 10: D’Bora – Dream About You

Ah, one of those (surprisingly rare given how many albums he compiled) Ashley Abram very bad punts indeed. ‘Due for release on 2nd September 1991…’ the blurb in the booklet begins. Yes, it was, and sadly it performed that rare chart feat of spending one week at….No.75. Mainly because it’s not that great.

Not content with propping the bottom of the full chart, her next single propped up the bottom of the bit everyone cares about by getting to No.40. Top work, that.

3 years on…

SG gig meal2

…since Katherine passed away so here’s another runout for an embarrassing pic (for me, that is)

Most of you will know why this blog is here but for new followers (hello to you!) it exists because I did a NOW album for Macmillan Cancer Care in March 2015 in memory of Katherine. I now sporadically continue the journey on here and next on my list is NOW Dance 91. Actually this is quite an appropriate one to log today because Veronica and I met at one of Kat’s parties and when we pooled our CD collections it was one of the few albums that we BOTH owned!

I’ll be skipping the first couple of tracks as they’re both on NOW 20 which I’ll cover later in the year. The album marked a change in NOW Dance compilations as for the first time. 7″ rather than 12″ mixes were featured. It was also the only one to be released in 91 after the 3 editions we were spoilt with the year before. It covers the middle period of the year and unusually for a NOW album there are no chart toppers but then again, this was the Summer of Bryan Adams domination so they didn’t have any choice there. It’s a pretty good roundup of all the late Spring / Summer dance tunes and those that weren’t covered here ended up on the second edition of the short-lived ‘Awesome!!’ series that came out at roughly the same time.

Come back here later for the tracks!


…the blog kicks back into action as I will be posting tracks from NOW Dance 91.

It was released in September but it’s been ages since I’ve put anything on here and there is a good reason for going through it tomorrow as I will explain for those who can’t guess.

I’ll be covering all tracks bar the first 2 as they are also featured on NOW 20 which I’ll be covering later in the year. So join me here tomorrow!